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XDEEP cjenik

STEALTH 2.0 Sidemount System Classic              3.720,00 kn

STEALTH 2.0 TEC ili REC Setup                           4.030,00 kn

NX GHOST standard full set                                    3.900,00 kn        VIDEO

NX GHOST deluxe full set                                        4.200,00 kn       VIDEO

NX ZEN standard full set ALU                                  4.250,00 kn

NX ZEN deluxe full set  ALU                                     4.590,00 kn

NX ZEN Standard full set INOX                                4.700,00 kn

NX ZEN deluxe full set INOX                                    5.000,00 kn

NX PROJECT standard full set  ALU                       3.600,00 kn

NX PROJECT standard full set  INOX                     4.000,00 kn

Back Mount BC’s: ZEOS 28, ZEOS 38                   2.399,00 kn

HYDROS 40, HYDROS 50                                      2.399,00 kn

HYDROS 40/50 DIR full set                                     3.180,00 kn

ZEOS 28/38 Standard full set  ALU                          3.320,00 kn

ZEOS 28/38 Standard full set  INOX                        3.700,00 kn

ZEOS 28/38 Deluxe full set                                      4.290,00 kn      VIDEO

Sve ostale cijene su dostupne na upit.


GENZ – web site

GENZ  cjenik

BLACK  EANx       


Upgrade BT-EANx                                                    1.390,00 kn

Upgrade EANx-TMX                                                  1.390,00 kn


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Hardware features:

– Full color, high resolution OLED display;
– Big balanced buttons with electronic sensor (very easy to operate);
– Build in digital compass;
– Build in accelerometer with screen flip;
– Automatic screen brightness control with internal light sensor;
– USB port;
– Can be charged with any smartphone microUSB charger;
– Samsung Li-ion battery – 20-40 hours of work, 1.5h to full load;
– Advanced power management – inform how many hours will work;
– Ultra compact size;
– Strap and bunge mount.

General software features (bottom timer):

– Multiple switchable screens – user can set the order and switch on or
switch off particular screen;
– U.VSI – very precise vertical speed indicator showing ascent/descend
speed regarding to set optimal/maximum speed for particular depth range;
– Digital compass with Guide.ME function – device automatically navigates
over the waypoints;
– 16 build in color shemes + user defined color scheme;
– Special alarm color codes;
– Max depth alarm, total dive time alarm, avg depth alarm, alarm clock;
– Powerfull logbook with huge memory (UDDF export);
– Very quick firmware upgrade;

And very important: upgradeable between bottom timer, to nitrox computer
or trimix computer.

Nitrox computer – general features +

– Buhlmann ZHL-16C;
– Three mixes up to 100% O2 switchable underwater;
– PPO2 alarms additionally to general alarms;

TMX computer – nitrox features +

– 16 mixes with “backup mix” option – user can set the mix as ON, BACKUP
and OFF. The mixes in ON state will be selected as the computer during the
dive. BACKUP mixes can be selected manually by user (it may be partner’s